Sunday, October 12, 2008

Take Me....Take Me....Take Me

Since we announced our travel plans two (two? TWO!) years ago, the first response from family and friends has been "I wish I could go with you!".  Well, it is our second honeymoon, you can't come.  But you can travel vicariously through the miracle of blogdom.

We spent most of the day today packing, cleaning, drinking wine, re-packing, figuring out the MacBook and how to download/upload pictures, and drinking more wine.  The cat seems to sense something is out of sorts, and she follows us from room to room, occasionally napping in whatever location will hamper our progress.  See above picture.

Take me.


Tex said...

have a nice drink at the Black Rose and just breathe in all the life on your trip

Janet said...

Thanks, sweetie! I am enjoying the anticipation.