Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boston (if you please) Massachusetts

A bird pooped on me yesterday - that's a sign of good luck, right?

Joe and I headed downtown to Faneuil Hall after our post-flight nap, looking to catch up with old friends. First among them was Hizzoner, James Michael Curley, who we met up with near Quincy Market.

Hizzoner did his best to maintain his dignity, despite being covered in bird poop and bothered by passing free-thinkers. As I snapped this photo, I got a direct hit from overhead myself. My first thought was "Bird poop is good luck! Sox will win tonight". My second thought was "I'm covered in bird poop, dammit". Well, the Sox didn't win and now I have to do an unexpected load of wash this morning.

Before dinner we stopped for a Guinness at The Black Rose and a glass of wine at La Dolce Vita (this place looks like it may be worth a try sometime - it was packed with happy diners and the wine selection looked intriguing). Dinner at The Daily Catch was everything we expected.  My usual linguine and calamari was delicious and Joe had a wonderful monkfish marsala.  After dinner found us at Caffe Vittoria where we they still don't accept credit cards but have moved into the 21st century with the addition of a couple of large screen HDTVs. Aside from us, the only other customers were a group of businessmen sipping cappucinos and studiously ignoring the score of the Sox game. We sat across from them, drowning our sorrow in anisette and cannolis.

So....I'm a little woozy this morning.


Tex said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm The Daily Catch mmmmmm

Did ya go take a nap by the bay? ;)

HorshamScouse said...

I've been to Boston three times and I've never seen any of these places! I'll need a guide next year.

hicksfromdastix said...

Good luck you two! So your eating & drinking your way thru Europe-I'll need your return date so I can make the reservation @ Betty Ford! I'll pray for the sox and your livers tonight!

Ted D said...

Have a great time, Janet. I'm with Horsham; can you be our tour guide next spring.